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El Ain el Sokhna is situated 55 kilometers (34 mi) south of Suez and approximately 120 kilometers (75 mi) east of Cairo. A short distance from Cairo, one-and-a-half-hour drive on the new highway, Ain Sokhna is fast becoming one of the top getaway vacation spots on the Red Sea Coast, making it finally possible to combine a short stay in Cairo with some sun & sea fun. With pristine shores and an air of unmeasured serenity, well off Cairennes have been summering there for a long time. In recent years, international hotel chains have populated this stretch of coastal paradise, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a genuine piece of heaven on the Red Sea coast. Luxury, lovely beaches, fun water activities, and a proximity to the wonderful Eastern Desert make Ain Sokhna a great spot for your vacation. Ain Sokhna offers many real estate developments to choose from. Available properties for sale & resale: cabins, chalets, apartments, duplexes, penthouses, townhouses, and villas.


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